Philippines: The No. 1 Outsourcing Destination

The Philippines is known as a diverse and colorful tourist destination, but do you know that it is also the ideal location for outsourcing your back office customer support and sales staff? In fact, some of the world’s biggest names in global business industry like Intel, Nokia, Sony Erikson, Avaya, Siemens, Toshiba, Philips, AIG, Stream (formerly e-etelecare), HP, HSBC, Honda, Nissan, Yamaha, Isuzu, Procter & Gamble, Trend Micro, and Lexmark have made the Philippines their choice for sourcing their offshore support and back office staff.

Here are the reasons why:
1. The Philippines has a stable and open market economy, one that is growth oriented, business friendly, and in tune with the global economy.
2. The country has constantly developing infrastructure making it the right location to house your back office or sales operations. The advanced cost competitive telecommunications network the country has keeps you connected to the world all the time and every time.
3. We are your strategic partner in Asia since we are only within four hours flying time from all the major capitals in the Far East. This made us the logical choice for the regional logistics hubs of Fed Ex and UPS.
4. We have a global lifestyle that makes you feel right at home. However, the real magnet that draws world business to the Philippines is the Filipino himself who is educated, skilled, and highly trainable who values education and is eager to learn new things all the time. We are well versed in conversational English. We are skilled and creative. We are in touch with the global trends and practices. We aim for goals and we attain them. This is why we always win global awards for excellence in customer service and product support.

The Philippines is Asia’s ideal outsourcing hub. We are always proving ourselves as extremely capable of handling information technology related services such as accounting and bookkeeping, account maintenance, accounts receivable, collection, invoice and accounts, payables administration, claims processing, new business processing, web design, sales, auditing, technical support, sales, and customer service.

Because we are proficient in English, we are comfortable in the multimedia world of information. This makes us highly trainable and adaptable to best practices and new technology.

Michael John Henderson — Sykes Managing Director for Asia and the Pacific Rim notices that during trainings, the Filipino has consistently shown a style of tremendous ability to absorb and retain information. This is the very reason why international Business Process Outsourcers like Convergys, Wipro, Stream, Aegis Support, and many others trust the operations of their call centres to us.

Medical, legal, and scholarly documents are transcribed, edited, catalogued, and summarized by Filipinos with up to 98% accuracy through companies like Innodata.

Multinational companies like Nokia, AIG (American International Group), Sony, GM (General Motors), Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Fujitsu, Epson, Adobe, Lilly, UPS, HP, Levis, AT&T, Pfizer, Kodak, BT (British Telecoms), Java, Nextel, Lexmark and many others have set up their back offices in the Philippines to support their global operations.

The development of software, middleware, and firmware programs used around the world from antivirus to wireless applications are trusted to Filipino teams. Our engineers also create the blueprints used to build crucial infrastructure like bridges and buildings around the world. Even the Japanese anime employs some of our talented and creative Filipinos.

According to Renato M. Jiao –Procter and Gamble’s Director for Employee Services in Asia, the Filipino is not only adaptable and flexible when it comes to information technology, but we also pursue our own creative and innovative ideas. He stressed further that this is the kind of thinking needed for businesses to progress.

Our ready infrastructure, dynamic business environment, 24-hour connectivity to the world, and a government t that actively partners with industries, makes sure we implement a transformation plan to sustain Philippine market share and increase exports.

According to the former President Gloria M. Arroyo, It costs 25 to 35% less, to outsource from here. These are reasons enough to make the Philippines your destination choice for outsourcing information technology based services.

Finally, here is what we actually give: we share our well-educated, highly informed, and resilient Filipino, and because there is only one country that is home to the talented Filipino, it makes sense to invest in the Philippines.

Why Investors Love Cebu

***Credits to DTI (Department of Trade and Industry), Innove, PLDT, Center for international trade expositions and missions, and HP.

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